Etang De Villaine Is Best For Carp Fishing In France

Published: 04th May 2011
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Carp fishing in France has turned out to be really popular throughout the years and literally thousands of men and women are going to France in pursuit of their dream fish. France is one of the preferred countries when it comes to Carp fishing for a number of factors. France is actually a beautiful country and the landscape is truly remarkable, there's nothing like sitting by the lake with your fishing rods out looking forward to that screaming run.
The great thing about carp fishing in France is the fish typically are not pressurised to the degree that are in the united kingdom and whenever you pick the right lake you can expect to catch a considerable amount of carp. The carp are also a lot bigger than you find in britain and it is fairly easy to catch carp to 20, 30 and 40lb, obviously there are even bigger carp than that contained in these kinds of lakes and some go to 90lb but they are not too easy to catch yet it's doable if you are there for a week and fishing on the right lake.

A lot more carp lakes are now being launched in France and they are generally being run by British people who have moved to France and setup a small business. A sensible way to select the lake you are going to fish is simply by doing a little research on the internet. Go to Google and type in "carp fishing in France" or "carp fishing forum" you will then discover plenty of people placing comments about their visits to France and how they got on.

I stubled onto an ideal lake Etang De Villaine by using the exact method and booked up to go in September last year. This is a 6 acre lake and holds carp to 60lb and Wels Catfish to 75lb. The owner is English and is a awfully nice guy, he will offer you tips and as much advise as you need. During my visit last year I caught about 24 fish in a week plus the biggest was 34lb, I lost several more. He only permits 6 folks on the lake at one time to ensure you have an acre of water to fish.

For reasons uknown whenever I have been carp fishing in France I have never done any good fishing on top with floating baits, I don't know why this is but itís certainly true. All my fish have come to a range of baits and constantly fished on the bottom, often popped up about one inch.
At Eang De Villaine Stuart the owner offers you breakfast and evening meals and he will even bring them to your swim if you donít want to go to the house and eat. The food is excellent and the hospitality even better.

I began my week of by fishing bolies on the bottom and maze on two other rods, you can use three rods at most lakes in France, and you donít have to have a license either. I had 1 fish within the first days which for Etang De Villaine is not good; the fishing isn't that difficult. Stuart came down and demonstrated how to fish a popup critically balanced and after I changed I simply couldn't stop catching.

I never just stuck to boiles I used maze, sweet corn and worms and the results were fantastic. I see many fishermen sitting on 3 rods not catching fish in a relatively easy lake and they donít change anything. When you are carp fishing in France donít be lazy, when you are not catching try switching things around and you will have great success. Talk to other anglers; see what they are using and how they are fishing. Carp anglers are usually friendly people and will offer advice and help if you ask.

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